The Green Bean 2005-2009

The Green Bean Coffeehouse all began through the convergence of ideas from a variety of significant folks. Randy Rowland, Lead Pastor of Sanctuary Church, first had the idea to open up “Greenwood Espresso” in the old tavern called Bombers on 85th street. Then in the summer of 2004 Randy met two incredible dreamers named Lisa Etter and Hayden Smith who moved to Seattle to start up the Green Bean Coffeehouse. Over the course of the year, Sanctuary helped raise support, funds were secured, and the Green Bean opened its doors in May of 2005. Lisa and Hayden poured into the Green Bean and its customers, leading it to award winning status in with the City of Seattle, the Greenwood Neighborhood Association, and the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce.

2009 Fire

After running for about four years, a tragic arson fire struck the Green Bean and three other businesses on October 29, 2009. All four businesses were burned to the ground and all was lost. But it was not the end of the Green Bean. The night after the fire, a huge group of supporters gathered to grieve but also to figure out the next step. That next step was that of a miracle when the owners of Sip & Ship, Steve and Diana Narramore, invited the Green Bean to operate their coffee bar until they could find a new space. Three weeks later, the Green Bean was making lattes and Baker Bob’s famous brownies once again with Summer Mohrlang, Sanctuary Associate Pastor, and Emily Kopca, Manager, at the helm.

Celebrating Christmas at the Sip & Ship

Another surprise happened when the Brunt family, owners of the abandoned McDonald’s on Greenwood Avenue, graciously offered the space to the Green Bean at a ridiculous price. With the creative minds and skillful hands of many, the Green Bean settled into its new home and opened its doors in July of 2010. The space was much larger, with room for a conference room, a children’s area, a reading nook, and even a stage for live music nights.

Green Bean 2010-Present

Under the management of Alissa Swank and Summer Mohrlang, with a talented team of artists, baristas, chefs, and the business and outreach of the Green Bean continued to grow with open-mike nights, children’s story time, job search meetings, craft groups, and more. Summer Mohrlang began the Brown Bag Network made up of key community leaders from churches and non-profits, dedicated to the health and growth of the Greenwood neighborhood.

Now in our 3rd location (well, really 5th if you count the temporary transition locations), we have the same philosophy, just a different look. Continue to look for Open Mike nights, games nights, a kids area, and an inviting place to work, study and meet people.


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  1. Kris Johnson 12 July 2012 at 5:20 am #

    Wow, the only way I can get info like this is on the website. :) At least I know that we will be in the same building for the next couple of years or so and from what I hear when I’m in making up cookie dough, we might just be in the old mcdonalds pay area. WOW! If that is so, a two story building would be nice so there could be a “loft” for people to sit and while away the time with their great food and wonderful coffee. Talk to you Later!!!! :)

  2. Chris 5 October 2013 at 2:20 am #

    Alas, the history page is a little outdated. Where are you guys now? I looked all over for you today, do you have a location? Are you still around?

    • admin 9 June 2014 at 8:29 pm #

      Yes – so sorry the page is not up-to-date. Working on it! :) Thanks for you patience.

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